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Opening Times*
19:00 until 23:00
15:00 until 23:00
19:00 until 23:00
15:00 until 23:00
16:00 until 23:00
11:00 until 18:00
11:00 until 23:00

rehearsal rooms

The Session has four fully soundproofed and acoustically treated rehearsal rooms

All rooms are 14.50/Hour*

All of our rooms have a vocal PA including a Yamaha MG12/4 mixing console, 2x Shure SM58 vocal microphones and Mackie SRM350 amplified speakers. Two Marshall AVT150 guitar amplifiers, a Laney R4 bass amplifier and a 4 piece drum kit including kick, 2 rack toms and a floor tom plus hardware (without cymbals & snare). Cymbal sets and snares are available for hire from reception (5/session), as most performers prefer to use their own.

Please note that rehearsal time is only available via advanced booking - the time you book includes the time taken to set up and take-down your equipment. Please ensure you leave enough time at the end of your practice to vacate the room by the end of your booked slot.

The way in which the rooms are laid out and the exact equipment within them will be fully adaptable to the needs of the client at their request. This is particularly the case when with regards to DJs rehearsing in the rooms as they may require CD players, record decks or both.

We are very flexible and can arrange your kit around that provided, and cater for your needs.

*Prices based on regular bookings and may be subject to change. Please read our Cancellation Policy to which you will be bound when you make a booking with us.