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Recording Studio

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Opening Times*
19:00 until 23:00
15:00 until 23:00
19:00 until 23:00
15:00 until 23:00
16:00 until 23:00
11:00 until 18:00
11:00 until 23:00

equipment at the session

Session Rooms

Vocal PA

Each room has 2x SM58 vocal mics, Yamaha MG12/4 mixing desk and a vocal PA consisting of 2x Mackie SRM 350 loudspeakers.

Marshall AVT150 Guitar Cabs

The AVT150 boasts more channels and features than any Valvestate amplifier before. The four channels are: Acoustic Simulator, Clean, Overdrive 1 and Overdrive 2. A six way LED footswitch is available for a small deposit.

Laney R4 Bass Cab

This straight-up, no nonsense 160 watt bass combo features a 15" custom celestion speaker, bass, treble and 7 band graphic mid, switchable compressor and switchable limiter in a solid cabinet with top and side handles.

Pearl Export EX Kit

22in Bass Drum, 10/12/16" Toms, 14" Snare, stool & hardware.

Please note that as most drummers prefer to use their own snare and cymbals, these are only available upon request.


Tascam DM3200 digital mixing console linked to a MAC running Logic Pro and a PC running Samplitude