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19:00 until 23:00
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19:00 until 23:00
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hire gear

The Session has a variety of sound and lighting equipment available to hire, including:

Price (per day)
Shure SM 57/58 microphone 5
Sennheiser MD421 close instrument microphone 7
Shure drum microphone set (1xPG52, 3x PG56 plus mounts) 15
SE Electronics SE1A 10
Behringer Ultra DI box 5
K&M microphone stand 4
Speaker Systems
Yamaha SM15e loudspeakers inc amplifier 60
Yamaha SM15v 1kw loudspeakers inc amplifier 70
Flightcased pair of Martin LE400 monitor wedges inc amplifier 100
Multicore - 25m long, 12in/4out reel-tails 10
Multicore - 30m long, 16in/4out stage box-tails 20
Multicore - 50m long, 20in/4out stage box-tails + 20 channel stage monitor breakout box 30
Soundcraft E8 30
Phonic Summit Digital Mixing desk 60
FOH rack 30
DJ Equipment
Technics SL 1210 record deck 30
Pioneer CDJ 100 20
Pioneer CDJ 800 55
Pioneer DJM 600 DJ mixer 50
Behringer VMX1000 DJ Mixer 20
Disco FX lights - budget 10
Disco FX lights - industry standard/DMX controllable 30
LED PAR cans (each) 15
LED par can static colour mixing controller 10
LED PAR cans, set of 6 inc static colour mixing controller 85
Generic 1kW PAR cans 10
Spectre 1500watt colour mixing stage lights (per pair, inc. controller) 50
Small bubble machine (1000+ bubbles/min) 7
Large bubble machin (3000+ bubbles/min) 14
Martin Smoke machine 20
12" mirror ball 12
Light duty disco lighting stand 5
Manfrotto heavy duty lighting stand + T-bar 15
Extra heavy duty lighting stand (2.03m->3.8m, max load 100kg) 30
Triangular truss, 3m length 12
Daslight + Laptop + Technician 95
LightJockey + Laptop + Technician 70
Audio + Visual
22” LCD screen 20
Projector + screen 40
Microphone lead (XLR) 10m 2
Speakon leads 2
13/16 amp power leads 1-4 depending on length

This list is representative but not exhaustive, if you'd like a quote for anything else please feel free to contact us.

We have a wide selection of technologies that can suit your needs, contact us for more information or a competitive quote.

You can either 'dry hire' the kit, where you collect it from us, use it yourself and bring it back when you're finished with it, we can deliver it and set it up then leave you to use it and return to collect it later or we can stay with you while you use it. We're happy to instruct you on how to use things if you decide to use it yourself!

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